NATA Accreditation ISO/IEC 17025

While traceable calibrations will satisfy the requirements for a lot of customers, there are many cases where only a NATA endorsed report will satisfy quality and traceability requirements. ISO 9001 only covers a business’s management system and does not cover any traceability or technical competency which is where ISO/IEC 17025 goes above and beyond.

Those businesses that hold their own NATA or TGA accreditation will require their equipment be calibrated and certified by a NATA accredited service provider such as WA Calibrations. Businesses that provide services to the medical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas or mining industries are also likely to need a higher level of traceability that only a NATA endorsed certificate can provide.

The NATA accreditation process consists of a rigorous assessment including the examination of quality assurance systems and technical expertise. It typically takes more than 12 months to gain accreditation and you can be sure that any business who has earned the right to advertise the NATA logo has continually demonstrated the highest level of quality. In May 2021, WA Calibrations achieved NATA accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 in the field of temperature calibration. A copy of our scope of accreditation can be found here through the NATA website.